Alex’s Story

Alex is a Hispanic man that lived at the 30th Street Men’s Shelter in New York City. Alex aimlessly wandered the city every day as he was required to leave the shelter at 9:00 AM and not allowed back until after 4:00 PM. He had diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, arthritis, anxiety and depression. Alex often forgot his medical appointments and when he did remember, he often found it difficult to communicate with the providers since Alex primarily spoke Spanish. Alex frequently wound up in the emergency room due to either his diabetes or hypertension.

Alex was eventually referred to the Community Healthcare Network’s (CHN) Health Home, where he met their Care Management Team. The Care Team worked with the Department of Homeless Services to get Alex a one-bedroom apartment. CHN’s Care Management Team would remind Alex to attend his appointments with his providers and provide a translator to accompany him, so he was able to better comprehend the provider’s instructions.

With the assistance of CHN’s Care Management Team, Alex’s health has vastly improved since he continues to go to his appointments and follows his doctor’s recommendations. His Care Management Team continues to provide him with reminders to his appointments and regularly checks in to see how he is doing. Since their last check-in, Alex was able to get a job at a supermarket!