Arthur’s Story

Arthur is 63-years old with multiple conditions, including Hepatitis C and multiple forms of cancer. Arthur is barely able to afford his apartment and has no social support network in which he can turn. He had applied for Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits; however, the application had been pending for the past three years.

Arthur struggled to navigate the healthcare system and get the care he needed given his limited resources. He was unable to find a primary care physician that would take him. And his gastroenterologist was apprehensive to treat Arthur for his Hepatitis C given the cost of the treatment and concerns regarding Arthur’s ability to follow through with the treatment process. Arthur felt lost until he was enrolled in a Health Home, where he met his Care Manager—Denise.

Denise worked tirelessly to get Arthur the treatment he needed. She provided the gastroenterologist the confidence he needed to start Arthur on his Hepatitis C treatment by reassuring him that Arthur would follow complete the treatment and follow up needed. Denise was successful, where many were not, in getting Arthur a top-level primary care physician. She additionally connected Arthur to a dentist to get dentures, a podiatrist to treat his toe nail fungus, an oncologist to treat his cancers, and a an otorhinolaryngologist to get hearing aids. Noticing Arthur was feeling overwhelmed by everything, Denise also made sure he saw a therapist. Denise wanted to reduce the burden on Art so she would schedule appointments, arranging transportation, and obtaining medication for Art.

Art is now cured of Hepatitis C and continuing treatment for his other health conditions. He is now following through with all of his appointments. Thanks to Denise he is also receiving his SSD benefits. Arthur is forever grateful to Denise and all the work she has done and continues to do for him.