Barbara’s Story

Due to severe anxiety, Barbara became extremely reclusive, cutting off contact with friends and families, losing her job and was struggling to complete day-to-day tasks including, buying groceries with dwindling financial resources. Barbara finally had to go to the emergency department to address growing concerns of pain that she was no longer able to ignore. At the hospital, Barbara was referred to a Health Home Care Manager, Lisa. Lisa started slowly learning about Barbara and what made her anxious. She listened. She helped Barbara apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to stabilize her income. She connected Barbara to a primary care doctor and a therapist, accompanying her to appointments and ultimately helped her make her first dentist appointment in 25 years! Barbara has been making incremental improvements after enrolling in a Health Home and meeting Lisa. Working together with Lisa and the therapist, Barbara is making progress in overcoming some of her fears, including her fear of the dentist. She continues to see her therapist and work on accomplishing tasks such as going by herself to the laundromat. Barbara is very proud of her accomplishments thus far and is working with Lisa to set aspirational goals for the future while going to her appointments and improving her health day by day.