Brandon’s Story

Brandon, a Health and Recovery Plans (HARP) member, had been hospitalized five times last year due to his untreated mental health conditions. While he was in the hospital he was enrolled in Health Homes of Upstate New York (HHUNY), where he met Michael, his Care Manager. Michael immediately started by getting Brandon into a hospital diversion bed. After Brandon was discharge, Michael helped Brandon connect to behavioral health providers. Michael also got Brandon into a supportive housing program. He struggled to manage his mental health conditions, but he knew he could rely on his Care Team, which included Michael, his therapist, the supportive housing staff and his peer support specialist, to get through the hard times. Michael listened to all of Brandon’s concerns. By listening to Brandon, Michael realized that Brandon’s migraines were the result of his four impacted wisdom teeth and was able to get him an oral surgeon to address the problem. Since working with Michael, Brandon has become more socially active in his community. He was able to complete his GED and enroll in a four-year college. Brandon can now manage his mental health conditions and hasn’t been in the hospital since.