Charles’ Story

Charles is a 45-year old living in the Hudson Valley area. He had been having pain in his chest and arm and concerns regarding his mental health. Charles didn’t have much luck in determining the underlying cause of his chest pain though. He had gone to his primary care physician multiple times; however, his physician was not able to determine the root of the problem. Charles started to suspect that his physician was not taking his concerns seriously. Additionally, he had difficulties in finding a mental health provider that would accept him.

Charles was eventually enrolled in a Health Home, where he met his Health Home Care Manager—Mark. Mark was able to connect him to a nearby therapist from Hudson Valley Mental Health (HVMH). The therapist diagnosed him with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and started to work with Charles on exercises that would alleviate his symptoms. Mark was concerned that Charles’ physician was not taking his concerns seriously and suggested that Charles switch his primary care physician. After careful consideration, Charles decided to switch his physician. His new physician ordered and MRI and referred him to a rheumatologist, who later discovered that Charles had a calcium buildup in his shoulder joints which was causing the pain in his arms and chest. In order to treat his pain, the rheumatologist instructed that he begin physical therapy at Kingston Hospital.

Since meeting Mark, Charles’ overall physical and mental health has vastly improved. He is now better able to cope with his PTSD thanks to the skills he learned from his therapist, who he continues to see regularly. Charles is now feeling significantly less pain in his chest and arms since completing his physical therapy.