Deacon’s Story

Before the age of nine, Deacon grappled with seven mental health diagnoses and attempted suicide seven times. The medications his doctors prescribed left him feeling foggy and the counseling sessions sought to tell him how to think or how he should feel instead of understanding what he was feeling and how to address how he was feeling. He had difficulties in finding the right medications and treatment that worked for him. Not to mention, his doctors were not always receptive to both he and his family’s preference for a more homeopathic approach to his treatment. Rather than forcing an approach Deacon and his family were uncomfortable with, Encompass respected Deacon and his family’s needs by offering a homeopathic treatment path. Marisa, his care manager, supported Deacon by offering behavioral charts and rewarding charts, and even taking him out to dinner. Together, they were also able to help him find an effective combination of alternative therapy and counseling. Thanks to Encompass, Deacon is now med-free and living his life.