Hudson Valley Care Coalition Members

The Hudson Valley Care (HVC) Coalition helps Health Home members throughout the Hudson Valley region. HVC is a Health Home consisting of 21 care management agencies (CMAs). HVC’s role is to provide support to the CMAs, so the CMA can focus on providing health home members with care management services. Like all Health Homes, HVC focuses on what their members need and help them address their issues. Health Homes recognize that its difficult to navigate the healthcare system and hope to be a guide for their members. Not only does HVC connect their members to care, but they are also an advocate for their members. They communicate with both medical providers, as well as the members’ insurance company. For those without insurance, HVC helps get them coverage. HVC takes the time to provide their members with the necessary skills to manage their health and teach them where to get the appropriate care, instead of using the emergency room. Similarly to other Health Homes, HVC also provides social supports for their members by connecting them to social service agencies and programs within the community for income, food, employment, housing, etc. Health Home members know that they can rely on HVC and that it is a place they can turn to when they don’t know where to go. Among its members, HVC has been able to reduce emergency room visit by 95 percent!