Joseph’s Story

At his last hospital admission, which lasted over two months, Joseph was referred to a Health Home. His Health Home Care Manager connected him to various providers to address his medical, mental and substance use disorders.

Joseph is an animal-loving 23-year old living on his own in a deteriorating apartment. His apartment was not located near any public transportation options, so he was unable to access medical care and engage in the community. He became socially isolated and lost any self-determination and motivation he had. Joseph was hospitalized several times due to his untreated medical, psychiatric and substance use issues.

The Care Manager would arrange transportation for Joseph to his appointments and accompany him for moral support. Recognizing Joseph’s love for animals, his Care Manager helped complete an application to become a volunteer at a zoo to get him more engaged in the community.

Joseph is now doing a lot better and living independently in a much healthier environment. He says that this is the best that he has felt in the past 13 years. He is enjoying skateboarding and spending time with his family and pets. Joseph currently volunteers at the zoo on a regularly basis and working towards his goal of employment there. Joseph has not been hospitalized for the past nine months.