Kyara’s Story

Kyara is a teenage girl with uncontrolled type 1 diabetes. She also struggles with obesity and depression. Kyara often finds herself acting out and exhibiting aggressive behaviors towards her loved ones. To get her the help she needed, Kyara was enrolled in Encompass Health Home, where she met her Health Home Care Manager—Amanda. Amanda worked with both Kyara and her family to develop a care plan based on Kyara’s goals.  To achieve Kyara’s goal of losing weight, Amanda helped get her a treadmill and Kyara’s family a gym membership. Amanda even helped Kyara’s family in purchasing a vehicle to help them get to the local grocery store and gym. In the first month, Kyara lost ten pounds! Additionally, Amanda coordinated with Kyara’s providers to get her diabetes under control and manage her depression. Both Kyara and her family consider Amanda part of their family. As her health improved, so did her performance in school and her relationship with her friends and family. Amanda continues to encourage Kyara and provide her with support she needs to achieve all of her goals.