Linda’s Story

Linda first found out about Health Homes and the Greater Buffalo United Accountable Healthcare Network (GBUAHN) while she was out and about in the community. A Community Health Worker (CHW) from GBUAHN informed her that she was eligible to be in a Health Home. As soon as Linda got home, she reached out to GBUAHN and enrolled. After enrolling, Dollenia, Linda’s Health Home Care Manager, visited Linda at her home. Dollenia took the time listen to Linda and understand both her health and social needs. Based on their conversation, Dollenia helped Linda get health insurance coverage, connected to health care providers, and arrange transportation to medical appointments. Dollenia would even visit Linda when she was in the hospital. As Dollenia worked with Linda, they became close friends. Linda knows that she can always rely on Dollenia for anything. With the help of Dollenia, Linda is able to manage her health better.