Marge’s Story

Marge is no stranger to the emergency room. She is frequently admitted due to her uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension . Marge understands that she needs to lose weight and monitor the amount of food she is eating; however, she has difficulties doing so. She was eventually enrolled as a member of Health Home, where she was assigned a Health Home Care Manager. After taking the time to talk to Marge, the Health Home Care Manager realized that Marge did not have the information and skills necessary for her to monitor her diabetes, blood pressure and the amount of food she consumes. The Health Home Care Manager got her a glucose monitor and blood pressure monitor so she can track her glucose levels and blood pressure. Additionally, the Health Home Care Manager taught Marge about portion control and healthy eating. Since meeting her Care Manager, Marge was able to lose ten pounds. She has now eating healthier foods and even joined a gym.