Mark’s Story

Poverty is an issue that a lot of Health Home members struggle with. Although it’s not a medical condition, it does have significant impact on their health. This can be best exemplified in Mark. Mark has no job and therefore, no income. He lives at a rescue mission, where his medications often get stolen. At the same time, his only source of income came from selling his medications. Mark would go in and out of the emergency room since he was not taking the medications prescribed to him. At one of his emergency room visits, he was enrolled in a Health Home, where he met his Care Manager—Adrien. Recognizing that the rescue mission was not conducive to his improvement, Adrien helped him enroll in a Supportive Apartments program, where he is given his medications on a weekly-basis. Mark also began meeting with a therapist and primary care physician regularly. Mark’s toxicology reports revealed that he was still not taking medications but using other substances. To address the issue, Adrien convened a meeting for Mark with his therapist and housing supervisor to stress to Mark the importance of adhering to his medications and communicating to his Care Team his challenges, so they can better help him. It took time, but Mark has now made a complete 180. He is following his medication regimen and stopped using other drugs. He continues to reside at the Supportive Apartment and is working with Adrien to address his other health issues.