Joey’s story

At the time Joey was admitted to the Health Home program, he was living in substandard housing. He was utilizing the ED for his medical treatment due to barriers such as transportation and his addiction to prescription medication. He previously had several hospitalizations, which ranged from medical to psychiatric and substance abuse, with one hospitalization lasting over two months.

Joey’s apartment was not located on a bus route; therefore he was unable to navigate the community independently. He relied on others for assistance and did not display any self-determination or motivation.

Health Home connections

Since his admission into the Health Homes program, Joey has overcome many struggles, leading to his current success. His care manager linked and connected him to various providers (medical, mental health, and substance use treatment) and transportation to assist him with his overall wellness. The care manager provided him with support in his decisions that he has felt were in his best interest.

Health Home outcomes

Joey has not been hospitalized for over nine months, which demonstrates significant progress. He says that this is the best that he has felt in 13 years. He also noted that if he had not become involved with the Health Home program, he would not be where he is today and feels that he might have ended up dead. Joey expressed gratitude for his care manager supporting him in his decisions and encouraging him when he wanted to give up. He is now able to express his needs, wants, goals and hope for the future.

Joey is currently living independently in his apartment. He has his benefits in place and is pleased with his housing arrangement. He enjoys skateboarding and spending time with his family and animals. He continues to pursue his personal goals. He has learned the bus system and can navigate the community independently. Throughout this whole process, he never lost his love for animals. The Care Manager recently assisted him in completing an application for volunteering at the zoo, where he would like to explore employment opportunities or somewhere else that he can work with animals.