Sharon’s Story

Sharon is a 35-year old woman from the Hudson Valley. She lost her job in 2008 and has been having difficulties keeping a full-time job since. Unable to make her rent payment, Sharon lost her home and has been struggling to find stable housing. She had been diagnosed with mood and borderline personality disorder. She also has a history of substance use. Sharon has been admitted to the hospital frequently since she has had difficulty engaging in mental health treatment and following her primary care physician’s recommendations. In the past, Sharon has resisted help.

Last time Sharon was admitted to the hospital, she got a referral to the Community Health Care Collaborative (CCC) Health Home run by Hudson River HealthCare. Through CCC, Sharon was able to meet her Health Home Care Manager—Karen. Karen patiently worked with Sharon to understand that there will be days that she needs other people’s help and that is ok. Karen started to attend medical appointments with Sharon to facilitate positive conversations between Sharon and her physician which helped her successfully follow her medication regimen and her physician’s instructions. Sharon, who was once adamant against engaging in active care activities, started to attend group and individual therapy sessions, and a substance use treatment program. Karen helped Sharon find a job my making appointments with the Westchester County Employment Center and find stable housing in an Apartment Treatment Program.

Since Sharon started working with the CCC Health Home, she is in recovery from her substance use disorder. She is now better able to manage her mental health conditions thanks to the coping mechanisms she has learned and continues to engage in group and individual therapy. Sharon also successfully completed her certification as Peer Specialist and now holds a part-time job at a community-based care management provider. She is living on her own and spends her free time volunteering at a clinic.