Tonya’s Story

Tonya is a 22-year old African American woman stunted by her health. Tonya had the toes on her right food amputated due to meningitis at the age of twelve and struggles daily with bipolar disorder. With the help of her Health Home Care Manager, Tonya was able to gain access to both medical and mental health providers and to enroll in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). With access to care, Tonya was able to get surgery on her foot and specialized shoes that increased her mobility. For once in her life, she felt as if she was regaining control over her health and mental health, begin GED classes and complete an ACCESS-VR application to further her career. Tonya now has a job and continues to manage her mental health treatment. She is continuing to work with her care manager to build her independence and is applying for independent housing opportunities.