What Are Health Homes?

What Health Homes do

A Health Home can be a hospital, or a community-based health and human services agency or group of agencies. The Health Home supports and oversees a network of community-based providers. These providers each have a long history in their community, and deep expertise in working with Medicaid members with complex needs such as mental health issues, substance use problems, HIV and/or multiple chronic health conditions.

In addition to healthcare needs, these individuals may have challenges such as homelessness, lack of employment, or experience with the criminal justice system.

Health Homes make sure that members have the services they need to be well physically, socially and mentally.

How it works

Each member is connected to a dedicated care manager. They work together on a care plan that is 100% tailored to the member.

Care managers help connect members to the appropriate levels of service, with the goal of getting them into the right outpatient and community-based programs, and decreasing the inappropriate utilization of hospitals. They can help with a wide range of needs, including Medicaid eligibility, enrollment and renewal, securing safe and affordable housing, and connecting to social services. In addition, care managers can help members navigate the health care delivery system, including scheduling appointments and transportation, communicating between health care providers, and educating members about chronic conditions, taking medications, and discharge plans.

Health Homes are the main funding source in New York for care management that serves Medicaid members.