Health Home Outcomes

Health Homes are designed to help achieve the triple aim for Medicaid members with complex needs: Better care, lower cost of care, and better health outcomes.

  • Health Home member receiving care management services and enrolled 9 months or longer (CY 2020-2021) had a 37.8% reduction in in-patient hospitalizations resulting in $8.764 Million in cost savings.
  • There was an 37% reduction in potentially preventable readmissions – the number of acute inpatient stays followed by a readmission for Health Home enrollees enrolled in Health Home care management for at least 9 months or longer. (CY 2020-2021)
  • According to the Department of Health, outpatient care costs, including primary care are up 54.3% percent, and pharmacy costs are up 32.2% percent for Health Home members enrolled in care management at least 9 months or longer – both of which indicate that individuals are going to their PCP and taking their medications which are major goals of the program.
  • Health Home members enrolled in care management had a 17.2% reduction in Potentially Preventable Visits (PPV) Emergency Room after 9 months or more of continuous enrollment. (CY 2020-2021)
  • Based on a representative sample of Health Homes, members had a 47% reduction in housing insecurity and a 52.6% reduction in food insecurity after 1 year of continuous Health Home care management enrollment.
  • Access to transportation increased 48% for Health Home members enrolled for at least one year in care management.
  • 70% of Health Home Plus members living with SMI, and getting Health Home Plus interventions, had Follow-Up after MH Inpatient (7 days) vs. 51% of Health Home Plus eligible members not getting that level of care management intervention.
  • Individuals enrolled in Health Homes also saw improvements in rates of chlamydia screenings, colorectal cancer screenings, follow-up after emergency department visits, engagement in comprehensive HIV/AIDS care including viral load monitoring, medication management for people with asthma and overall prevention quality of care (HEDIS measure).