Zharyianna’s Story

Zharyianna struggles with terrible anxiety. Her anxiety worsened after she moved. She would skip school due to her anxiety which translated into lower grades. Even when she went to school, she frequently spent significant time in the guidance counselor’s office or the nurse’s office the entire day due to her panic attacks. She felt as if her life was a mess. At the suggestion of her guidance counselor, Zharyianna’s father decided to enroll her in Encompass Health Home, where she met her Care Manager—Amanda.

Zharyianna and her father, Jesse, describe Amanda as Zharyianna’s sister. Amanda was someone Zharyianna could turn to when she had panic attacks. She connected Zharyianna to a therapist but also worked with Zharyianna learn coping skills to manage her anxiety. Amanda also provided Jesse with a structure to support his daughter. Since meeting Amanda, Zharyianna has grown tremendously. Her grades have improved and she feels that she has better friends thanks to her relationship with Amanda.