About Us

The NY Health Home Coalition represents the leadership of Health Homes in New York. We work closely with government officials, managed care organizations (MCOs), care management agencies and other stakeholders to promote and optimize the care management that we provide for our member population.

The coalition works jointly with the New York State Department of Health to ensure they are setting policy that allows Health Homes to provide the best possible care in their communities.

We are a forum for best practices and quality standards. In our regular conference calls, our members share their collective experience and knowledge, and support each other.

We publish and present accurate information about Health Homes and outcomes to elected officials, partner organizations and businesses, and the public.

NY Health Home Coalition objectives

  • Work with NYSDOH and Medicaid Managed Care Plans to improve operations, data sharing, and to advance towards value based care
  • Develop best practices and standards of care to integrate high risk populations into primary care and value based contracting
  • To align with the goals set forth by DSRIP
  • Ensure reimbursement is sufficient to make the transition from FFS to value based contracting, while integrating Care Management Agencies into mainstream transformation activities
  • Support effective service delivery and develop optimally cost-effective and best-practice driven methodologies for care coordination and management
  • To improve the quality of life and outcomes of the members in our communities